• More monsterfalls sketches and stuff! This time its WereWendy, who was super fun to draw!

    I don’t know too much about werewolf mythology, and what I do know is from Supernatural, hah. The werewolves in Supernatural have to eat hearts to survive. They don’t have to be human, but apparently those taste the best.
    I like the idea that Wendy’s still got her spunky personality as a werewolf, but there are some nights where she can’t resist her survival instincts and goes into a crazy rampage until her craving for hearts is pacified. When she wakes up she doesn’t remember what happened, but is always covered in blood. (man I wish I was good at painting blood splatter and stuff I would have added way more)

    I’m getting really into monsterfalls all of a sudden. I think its just cause its a really fun idea and its crazy fun to draw. Expect more! >:D

    Also I don’t know how deer legs work please forgive me.